• My favorite muppet. And why!

    My favorite muppet is Rolph. Out of the over 3,400 muppets in this world, I think that Rolph is the best. I have reasons too! I like Rolph because he’s a dog and dogs are one of the best animals ever. He also plays piano really well which makes me look up to him a lot because I do not know how to play piano. Rolph is more talented than me in many ways and when I see him I smile.

  • A review of Michael Cera’s new beard

    This is Michael Cera, the great Canadian actor who has been featured in many great movies and shows. He has a new beard. I like his beard. I think it gives a good frame to his face. It is cool to see him growing into a real adult since I have been watching him on TV since he was a kid. I give his beard 5 stars.

    Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • A cool animation I made for class

    This is an animation I made for my logo design class. The logo I made is for a company called the Tileworks and is located in Bucks County, PA.

  • This is my friends from graphic design after class

    This was a video that I took after class with my friends. Featured in this video is Louisa, Shannon, Nick, Noah, Dan, and Cam who is not a graphic design major.
  • My bubbly creation

    Last week I bought my two favorite flavors of Bubbly, passion fruit and grapefruit. I wanted to make them look pretty on my shelf because I really like the colors together. I made a nice checkerboard pattern with the pink and purple. Here is my creation.

  • I’m with my cool friends!

    Hi! Today I am with my cool friends Kira and Gila. I love them a lot and I missed them a lot. Kira goes to Queens College and Gila goes to Rutgers. We are at Rutgers now and we are hanging out and having fun!

  • Review of Peach Street toaster

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    I’ve been needing a toaster for a while now. I live in an apartment with 3 other roommates and we have been toasting bread in a pan for about 4 1/5 months. Recently, I learned that toasters are not actually that expensive which made me very excited because all I wanted was some Eggo waffles. I made my way to Amazon to find one that fits what my roommates and I need. I found one from the company Peach Street that was fairly inexpensive ($23!). I was hesitant, especially when it came and was way lighter than I thought it would be, but I was pleasantly surprised! The first use had a burning scent but after a few times it went away. The toaster is a 2-slice slot toaster with a digital time display and a cancel button. The time display is a great help when figuring out how long makes the perfect toast. The cancel button has been a life saver when I’ve been in a hurry and the toaster is set to a longer time. I can cancel the time whenever I want and the toast will pop up. It toasts incredibly evenly and ensures a crispy outside while still keeping that soft fluffy inside. Overall, I can not recommend this toaster enough as it is more than efficient and has a great price!